Call2Patient is a voice broadcast platform that sends telephone calls at a very high speed to help you to grow and retain your customers’ base effectively. It reduces your efforts. Now you don't need to go to dial your patient's number one by one anymore to have an appointment, schedule, reschedule an appointment, Schedule confirmation or for any other purpose. Can you imagine that using this service you can convey your messages to thousands of people at the same time without dialing any number! You don't need to run any extra mileages now. Just come, record your message, upload your contact list, create a campaign and system will automatically start sending calls. You can save your money and time both. You can also check every single call with complete detail. System will show you whether call was accepted or rejected. Not only this, it will also show you whether call was picked up by an answering machine or a human. In this way it really makes your life easier.

Call2Patient is for those medical companies who make bulk dialing to their patients. The system can be loaded up with a list of telephone numbers that can be dialed sequentially at very high rates of calling and can be dialed millions of calls per day.


  • Play Message: It can play pre-recorded audio messages.
  • Appointment Confirmation: It can be used to get confirmation from patients. System will make them call and by pressing a key patient will be able to confirm their appointments.
  • Reschedule Appointment: It can be used to reschedule the appointment. Upon call receiving patients can reschedule their appointments.
  • Multi Choices: Different options can be selected according to need. For example “please press 1 to confirm your appointment or press 0 to speak with someone live
  • Schedule Conference: You can also set a schedule conference with your patients. System will automatically call to your appointed numbers and put them into conference.
  • Transfer Calls: System also has capability to transfer your patient call on appointed number.
  • Reporting: System will provide you exact report about every called number, duration and status
  • Answering Machine Detection: System is intelligent and can differ between answering machine and human voice. If you don't want to play your message to answering machine system will hang up the call once it's been picked up.
  • Auto Redial: System has auto redial feature. It will call to non-connected numbers at later time.
  • Web Interface: Call2Patient has web interface and can be managed easily form anywhere.
  • Import Contacts: Contacts can be imported from .csv or .txt files.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to start with Call2Patient?
Ans: You just need to upload your contact list, create a campaign, record or upload your desired message so system will start sending calls on all mentioned numbers with desired message.

Q: How do I upload contact list?
Ans: : It is very simple, from any computer with single click you will be able to upload your contact list. On daily basis you need to upload new contact list.

Q: How to create a campaign?
Ans: It's simple, you just need to select campaign, select a name and then select the phone book that will be used for this campaign. Now your campaign is ready for use.

Q: How many contacts can be uploaded?
Ans: You can upload as many contact as you want on daily basis.

Q: Does system generate call details report.
Ans: Yes system generate the call reports for every number. It shows which call is picked up and which one is rejected. It's also shows whether call is picked by human or answering machine.

Q: Does system shows survey detail report.
Ans: Yes system is intelligent it shows up all details about calls, with exact report on how many confirmed and who requested to reschedule.

Q: Can we use human voice for the announcements?
Ans: Yes for sure, you can record your announcements from any landline phone or cell phone and choose which one to be play for different purpose.

Q: Can we upload audio files?
Ans: Yes you can upload audio files in mp3 or .wav format.

Q: If confirmation call be picking up with a Voicemail, what would happen?
Ans: Our system is smart, can recognize call is being picked up by human or Voicemail, and you can program different behavior as call goes to voice mail, like simply hung up or leave regular message or leave different message like eliminating name, saying like, someone at this house hold has an appointment with Dr. Smith.

Q: Can we set-up schedule for calls?
Ans: Yes, you can set up a schedule for calls with day, time and date. Like call between 4 Pm to 6 PM

Q: Does system support call transfer feature?
Ans: Yes system has call transfer feature and you can use it by pressing desired key. Like offering if called person want to talk to a live agent or leave a message.

Q: Can we use system to run satisfaction survey?
Ans: Yes, you can run complex or simple questioner and ask about any topics or ask to rate their experience with your services or staff. Like system will call and ask if you are satisfied with our service please press 1 or not satisfied then press2.

Q: Can we use system to offer our client a survey?
Ans: Absolutely yes, system is compatible with any kind of old, legacy, or brand like Avaya…. Please give us a call we will explain it how this will work, adding this feature is no time to any existing phone system or hosted services.

Q: Can people confirm or reschedule their appointments?
Ans: Yes, upon call receiving people can confirm or reschedule their appointments by pressing suggested keys. Like system will ask you to confirm your appointment by pressing 1 and press 2 to reschedule your appointment.

Q: Can this system be used for outbound call conferencing?
Ans: Yes, it can be used to joining people into a conference. Outbound Call Conferencing is an effective way of joining people up into a conference. Rather than relying on people to remember to phone into the conference, a list of attendees can be uploaded, and the campaign set to launch at the appropriate time, like at (4PM). System will call all the people at 4PM and put them into conference.

Q: Can system be used for appointment reminder?
Ans: Yes, Doctors, Dentists, and other organizations that make appointments for their clients can integrate call2patient into their appointment systems to pass a message reminding them of an upcoming appointment. In most situation you can run 2 different call campaign, first 4 days before system will call to confirm and day before just calls to confirmed people as reminder, simple as delivering a message with your voice like, "this is Natalie, do not forget that you have an appointment confirmed tomorrow at 4 pm with Dr. Smith"