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At IPPBX we started our own unique platform back to early 1998, since then IPPBX has installed more than 15000 premise-based, and over 100,000 cloud-based installations.

Why we are Different

IPPBX cloud integration services give you more than what ordinary subscription providers offer. We provide the integration expertise that will make your cloud migration a success. We’ll make sure that your business keeps running throughout and after the migration – the same IPPBX Solutions level service that you have come to know since 2003.

We're successful because we enjoy what we do

IPPBX has been helping our clients enjoy technology since 2003. We deploy cutting edge technologies that provide enterprise-level IT services normally out of reach to small and medium size businesses. In such short time we were able to provide our services to big clients with numerous office location and hundreds of staff. We're successful because we enjoy what we do, we hire the most qualified professionals, and we treat our people and clients with the respect they deserve. We develop a wide variety of innovative solutions that leverage cutting edge technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, Hosted Voice Over IP, and microwave/Point-to-Point private wireless networks. We take pride in our ability to create affordable, high quality packages. We are the best choice for single source IT services. Our service and dedication to our clients has made us one of the most trusted IT providers. Our customers will tell you we're more than just a vendor—we're a trusted partner. We empower our people—30 and growing. We have created a unique culture that fosters creativity, innovation and responsiveness to customer needs. IPPBX stands for 99.999% —which is the benchmark for system uptime in the IT world. This equates to a total of only 5.39 minutes of downtime in a given year. Our data center is designed for and continues to meet this benchmark. Our name is a constant reminder of the level of service we strive to provide our customers—always available, creative, and professional.

We Enjoy Technology

It comes through in our work. We're always looking for better ways to build software and we've developed some remarkable tools and techniques along the way. Where possible, we replace repetitive tasks with simple tools and we always keep our eye on the big picture. This and staying focused on emerging technologies helps keep us sharp. In addition to our own tools, we also have wide-ranging expertise with a number of industry standard technologies. When starting a new project, we try to find the best tool for the job - and we use that tool according to its best practices. This openness to try new things often leads us to synergies between seemingly unrelated technologies and datasets.

"One Talk*"

IPPBX is been providing what Verizon called as "ONE CALL*" since 2008 on all cellphone carriers in USA, with this state of the art technology, you will not miss a single call if you are away from your desk phone. Whenever someone call you on your desk phone (Extension) you cell phone will also ring and your customer will not notice the change. This will eliminate the risk of missing any important call from the customer.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

*"One Talk" is a registered name property of Verizon


At IPPBX we started our own unique platform back to early 1998, since then IPPBX has installed more than 15000 premise-based, and over 100,000 cloud-based installations.
Our top quality service and multileveled support adds to better customer satisfaction and remarkable customer retention rate which helps to ensure clients we put on service will stay on service for years to come, this is main reason at IPPBX we do not obligate our customers to any form of contract, because we have 100% confident that they cannot find any service likes us in any shape of forms.
Our platform are constructed to easily scale up, change main flow on fly, relocate or move as easy as moving the phone set without hassle or need to use an expert.
Since 2007 our In-cloud IPPBX has helped, thousands of organizations and Small- Large size companies to be able to use same phone system that’s only available to American Corporates, with no upfront nor major investment. Our unique simplified but still super-smart platform, has saved time and money to thousands of customers worldwide, we port phone numbers in many countries.

"IPPBX & SequelNet are sister companies owned by SPSA.LLC"

Services we offer

  • Phone service / Video Conference

  • ITXT

  • Fax Over IP

  • Conference Bridge

  • Call Center

  • ARIATM Document Management

  • SIP Trunking

  • Intelligent Call Queue

  • Call 2 Patient

  • DaaS

  • Virtual Servers

  • 24/7 Support

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