September 20, 2021 | Frank Smith

3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using VOIP

If your business is still using traditional landline telephone service you’re missing a lot of advanced calling features that could help your business. VOIP is a digital calling service that uses a broadband or wireless network connection to transmit voice calls. When you use a digital broadband connection for your business phone service, your voice communications instantly become more flexible and reliable. All digital VOIP services make all of your various business communication devices significantly easier. It's not just about the expanded selection of features and improved voice quality but also less expensive than traditional business phone services as well.

There’s a myriad of reasons why your business must use VOIP services. Traditional phone systems have changed little since their advent in the early 1900s. With all the advanced technology running today, it seems like an anachronism to use voice technology dating back to World War II. Don’t rely on old-dated technology for your business. Get VOIP and equip your office with a 21st-century phone system that can make your business more efficient and adaptable. If you’re still on the fence about VOIP deployment, we’ve broken down the argument to bring you the three biggest reasons your business must use a VOIP phone system.

Improved Flexibility:

When your business uses VoIP services, every Internet-connected device turns into a phone. VoIP has a multiple range of features that make your voice communications more streamlined and flexible.

  • Users can make and receive phone calls on their VoIP lines from anywhere, so they can take their office phones with them on their mobile devices.
  • Use your laptops or computers to make voice calling less distracting and disruptive.
  • Advanced call forwarding can automatically send incoming calls to another number when the call isn’t answered, ensuring your staff never misses a call.
  • Automatically send voicemail recordings to your email, so you can review them along with the rest of your business emails.
  • Create virtual phone numbers with customizable area codes, so you can give out-of-state sales calls a neighborly touch.

Better Affordability:

Out of all the benefits mentioned here, the most surprising is the potentially reduced costs associated VoIP. With all the advanced features available, it’s hard to believe that VoIP services can actually save your money over traditional landlines because it operates on a data network that eliminates the need for a separate phone carrier. You can eliminate phone service entirely and run your new VoIP service on your existing broadband service. The cost of business-class VoIP service is generally less than that of complicated business phone plans from traditional phone carriers. Long-distanced and international calls also cost significantly less than the traditional phone carriers. So your business will save even more if it makes a lot of international calls.

Improved Collaboration:

Whether you're at home or on the road, VoIP has advanced features that ensures incoming business calls get where they need to go. No matter what device they are near, team members will receive the incoming calls. No more hanging up, redialing, leaving a voice mail, calling a different number and ad infinitum. All you have to do is pick up the phone and make one call to anyone in your team and that VoIP phone number will ring across all the connected devices. VoIP also makes conference calling and collaborative communication easier with user-friendly software to make connecting less of a hassle, so no more dial-ins or other headaches. It’s hard to quantify productivity but studies have shown that internet-based telephones can add the equivalent of up to 3.9 productive hours to employee's week. Whatever the quantitive effect is, there’s a little doubt that a VoIP phone system can streamline your business's internal communications.

VoIP phone system is a great way to make your business more efficient and it can potentially save your money over traditional landline services as well. We’ve provided three great reasons for you to give VoIP a try but conversely it's hard to find three good reasons NOT to use VoIP services for your business. Get a VoIP phone system for your business and improve your overall productivity today.