AUGUST 09, 2022 | Bruce Jake

5 Benefits of Using Phones With Auto Attendant Feature?

With the evolution in technology, businesses have evolved as well. And, if you want to see your business going to the top of the chart, you need to use the right and up-to-date technology. Well, it is time to say goodbye to your traditional PBX phones. They are old-fashioned, and their most significant issue is that they can not help you enhance your business communication. This is a digital world and it is time to use phones with Auto Attendant and other incredible features. 

You might be familiar with the term Digital Receptionist. Phones with Auto Attendant features act like your digital receptionists which means that you do not need to hire a receptionist to take care of your office calls anymore. With this incredible feature, none of your calls go unanswered and every caller gets transferred to the right extension without even talking to someone. This not only eliminates the burden on your employees but improves the calling experience of your clients too. 

Missing your office calls is not good for your business. Any call can be the important one you are waiting for. And, missing any call can make your business suffer. Communication is the most important factor in making your business successful. This is why using the right communication device that can serve your business communication needs is the best way to achieve your goals. Therefore, feature full phones with Auto Attendant like a VoIP phone from IPPBX can help you serve the incoming calls as they should be. 

VoIP Are the Right Phones With Auto Attendant Feature

If you are using a traditional office phone. There are many chances that you can miss phone calls and never trace those numbers back. With a traditional phone, you need someone to sit on the desk so that no calls go unanswered. People never leave a message if their calls are unattended. Therefore, a better way is to switch to a VoIP phone system and connect its extension with different telephones in your office or with your employee’s smartphones.

Connecting with a phone extension meaning is to make sure that your callers will get connected to their desired line. Moreover, phones with Auto Attendant also offer call transfer and forwarding voicemail as well. This makes sure that even if there is no one on a desk and the phone rings, the call will get transferred to the next available extension. Well, this introduction and feature discussion are good enough to let you know why you need phones with Auto Attendant features at your office. Let’s have a look at its benefits:

Phones With Auto Attendant Feature Saves You Money

With a traditional phone, you have to pay long telephone bills, spend money on maintenance, and pay extra for international calls. This can lead to spending a lot of money without enjoying the features that can help your business grow exponentially. However, if you choose to have a VoIP phone system in your office, you can control these expenses. VoIP phones with Auto Attendant features are the most economical devices for business owners. You get a package for local and international calls with less need for maintenance.

Phones With Auto Attendant Features Improve Calling

Traditional phones offer one call at one time. However, with a VoIP phone, you can handle multiple calls simultaneously. The number of phone calls you take, the more your business growth chances increase. VoIP phones with Auto Attendant take calls, pass them to the right extension, and get ready for the next call. As mentioned earlier, with a VoIP phone, you can connect more extensions. Phone extension meaning or means there are multiple lines that can answer incoming calls. So, when you handle multiple calls, your business flourishes.

Handle Calls from Anywhere Through Phones With Auto Attendant 

When you are using a cable line phone, you need to be available at the desk where it is placed to answer calls. However, this is not the case with a VoIP business phone system. If you are handling your business calls through Voice over Internet Protocol technology, you can handle calls from anywhere. Whether you are in the office or on vacation, you can take calls on your smartphone and assist clients accordingly. Moreover, you get good call quality as a VoIP phone works with an internet connection. 

Phones With Auto Attendant Feature Enhance Productivity

Improved productivity is the key to success. And, if you want to improve it, then you can make it possible by improving your office communication. With a VoIP office phone, your employees can place or take calls efficiently. Moreover, they can handle multiple calls at the same time. Even if there is no one in the office during off time or holidays, a VoIP phone can convert calls into voicemails and forward them to your mailbox. Forwarding voicemail is an incredible feature as it makes sure that none of your potential clients go away. 

Phones With Auto Attendant Feature Offers Flexibility

Providing your employees with the right and latest phone technology can help you achieve your business goals. When your employees work with full dedication, you can get the best out of them. However, providing them with traditional cable line phones to handle calls can frustrate them which can affect your business negatively. On the other hand, with a VoIP phone, you can offer flexibility to your employees. They do not need to sit at the same table. They can move freely and receive calls on their smartphones. 

Final Thoughts

Technology has advanced a lot and in these evolving times, using the right phone technology is the key to ensuring your business is running well. Using phones with Auto Attendant features like a VoIP from IPPBX is the key to improving your office work efficiency which results in enhancing your office productivity. Businesses can not afford to lose their clients and if you want the same for yours, then VoIP phone technology can help with it.