September 25, 2021 | Frank Smith

7 Characteristics A Business VoIP Phone System Must Have     

Every business needs a telephone system for steady communication. Telephones are crucial business communication tools that can differentiate success and failure when you try to keep in touch with people who matter. They are required for businesses to communicate with their customers, bargain with their vendors, and coordinate with teams. In other words, the telephone system is essential at every stage of your business funnel. Sure, there are other ways of communication like email, smartphones, and messaging apps but nothing comes closer to the reliability of business phone systems. Also, people expect to see actual phone numbers on the website or social media page of a legitimate business, therefore a VoIP Phone System is a must. The phone number, written on the website, also gives customers the hint of whether the business they are trying to reach is local or not.   

All business phone systems are not the same; different phone system comes with different features. You should analyze the functionalities you need for your company prior to selecting a business telephone system. Select a business phone system on the basis of those functionalities. You can find an abundance of small business phone systems but going for the right phone system will only help your business grow. So, let’s discuss the important characteristics to look upon when replacing your old handset with a small business VoIP phone system or installing a new phone system for your company. 

Cloud Capable Phone System:   

Since the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have people working from home for at least some of  the time. A hosted cloud PBX phone system is required to provide voice communications for businesses working in this way. Furthermore, the small and medium scale business owners, having the convenience of the cloud, don’t need to invest in costly infrastructure to host their telephone solution. And they don't even require IT folks to make sure the phone works 24/7/365. Maintenance, upgradation, and technical setup will also be handled by the service provider. Because of all these reasons, business owners are now choosing cloud PBX phone systems over traditional phones or other communication channels.     

Affordable VoIP Calls:   

Your business phone system must have a cloud PBX service. It will make you able to transmit sound as data using an internet connection and saves you on the line rental and external call costs. You will only have to pay an affordable monthly fee for these calls. Moreover, VoIP also provides you with additional features like video conferencing, chat, mobile apps, call routing, anonymous call rejection, auto attendant, business text messaging, call analytics, and much more. All these features of VoIP are very useful for every business communication, therefore, make sure to include VoIP service in your business phone system.  

Efficient Call Transferring:   

Your business phone system should have a quality that allows you to manage incoming call traffic effectively and quickly. The ability to transfer calls to the available employee at just a touch is a standard if you want to create seamless customer service. Furthermore, if you are not in the office, the system should be capable of transferring your call to your mobile phone. Call transfer is a key feature for your team’s effectiveness and for maintaining a good customer relation.  

Highly Secured VoIP Phone System:  

The business phone system you want to install into your company should also be fully secured to prevent fraud, malware, and phishing attempts by hostile entities. This security will not only shield your internal resources but also the information of your clients. Partner only with bankable service providers with tried-and-true encryption, authentication, redundancy architecture, and other security systems to make your office phone system invincible for bad actors.   

Trouble-free Scalability: 

Businesses require operational agility, whether they are downsizing or expanding their business. And to achieve this agility, resources should be reconfigured to match the scale of the business operations where they are being used. The ease with which such reconfiguration can be achieved impacts productivity among other performance measures.   

Certified Reliability: 

If you want to run a good business, you must have reliable and accessible communication channels for teams, vendors, partners, and customers to use. Without this, business continuity will be compromised and you will lose the confidence of people running or relying on your operations as well as potential revenue that could have been generated during downtime. Review the risk management, fail-safe policy, and backup plans of service providers before signing up. 

Continuous Greetings: 

For a polished, professional, and personalized impression of your company, day and night greetings to your callers are an added feature you should look for. Especially in a small business, often there are times when everyone is busy and no one receives a call. The office phone system should have the ability to automatically pick up that call, answer the call, and keep the person on hold until someone becomes available. You can also customize a voice message for the customer that says “Welcome to XYZ, our office is currently unattended. However, if you would like to leave a message our staff will return to you on the following business day.  

Final Thought:   

For most businesses, the phone is one of the most important methods of speaking to customers, both for sales and customer service. Although technology has changed from traditional office phones to VOIP phone system whatever the technology, there is still a need for businesses and customers to pick up the phone and speak to each other. If you are a business owner who is still dealing with the old phone systems, you should upgrade them if you wish to compete with the rest of the business world. It will offer you more capabilities or a greater degree of mobility.   

Also, you will be able to cut costs of calls and replace legacy systems that will soon become obsolete in your industry. The reasons to upgrade your system could be many but one thing is certain, you can’t avoid this change. So, clarify your goals, understand your options, and partner with the right VoIP Phone System service provider. And if you compare the prices, the features, and the reliability of phone systems, you will come to a conclusion that no other company is as compatible with your business as IPPBX.