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Q: Can Agents work from home or multi locations?

A: Yes. All they need is internet, because our Call Center is hosted in the cloud, calls can be delivered to any location. Even though they can use their Cell phone or a regular analog desk phone to participate in their group, your agents can work from any location.

Q:Are Advanced Features (Recording, Barging, monitoring, whispering, training, Listening Modes) available to Agents who work from home – and when Agents unexpectedly need to work remotely?

A: Yes. With our offerings, the all features are available to all regardless of their locations.

Q: Is Caller ID information preserved when forwarding features are enabled?

A: Yes. This service works for agents who are logged in to specific ACD, even agent can be registered to multi ACD and system will automatically chose right Number ID at the time.

Q: Updates and new features, Will we get new features as they are developed? If so, how much will I be charged?

A: Yes. Without paying anything extra for them.

Q: When you upgrade the system, how much downtime will we experience?

A:None. Because the System runs in multi geographically locations, always is up and available to end user, while being updated to one the locations, our upgrades are performed with no downtime or impact to your organization’s call processing.

Q: Could you explain about implementation?

A: To keep implementation easy we set up new system next to existing system, so agents can use both till they feel comfortable, in other hand agents will literally have their old and new phones on their desk so that they can practice on the new system until it is time for the cutover. Always changes are challenge for management perspective this is best practice before it goes live.

Q: Could you explain about training?

A:We provide training through a variety of methods to suit every preferred method of learning, including: in-person, web-based, quick tip-videos, and printable user guides.

Q:Are Advanced Features (Recording, Barging, monitoring, whispering, training and listening Modes) available for employees in our organization who are not part of the Call Center?

A: Yes. Advanced Features are standard features to all users.

Q: Could you explain about greeting messages, how we can change them and how long does it take to be activated?

A:Queue admin and managers can make all the changes on fly, easy as pick up their phone and record a new message, or do professional recording and just loaded to queue via web page, and they will be activated right there, even they can listen to message before make it live. If you prefer not to have your administrator make the routing changes, you can submit a ticket to have our support representative make the changes for you.

Q: Is there any live status or live monitoring for whole flow or on specific agent?

A: We offer many web-based portals which can be reached from any web browser, from any location or any different devices like smart phones or projectors as long as you have right user name and password

  • Want to decrease down time to almost zero, Since DaaS has SLA of 99.99%
  • Wants to control their IT cost
  • Wants to extend the life of older PCs / laptops and reduce the frequent PC replacement.
  • Has between 5 and 1000+ employees and a distributed workforce.
  • Wants to increase security.
  • Wants to have proper back up with multi location redundancy
  • Employs teleworkers and / or a mobile workforce.
  • Requires timely access to resources, data and information regardless of location.
  • Wants to reduce the overall costs of supporting their desktop infrastructure and software.
  • Has limited IT resources and needs to achieve peak efficiency.