Comprehensive Reporting

Queue manager will be able to view important information about the calls, such as whether anyone in the queue navigated outside the queue to connect to other destinations, the length of time each caller spent in the queue, and the length of time the caller spent talking. Information about the agents is also shown in the report (e.g., agents in the queue and number of calls handled by each agent). The queue manager can access the information from the Status tab (user account) and is refreshed every 10 seconds.


The report also shows calls that are currently queued as well as information about each call, including source, destination, length of time the call has been in queue, and call state.


Preventing Lengthy Periods in Ring-back or Queue

Calls That Approach the Head of the Queue This section allows you to establish timeout settings that will determine the length of time a call is kept in queue or ring-back state in a given situation. In this section, you can instruct the system to add additional agents or to redirect a call after the call has been in ring-back for a given length of time. You can also instruct the system to redirect a call once a caller’s wait time has passed a certain threshold.