CallCenters ACD


Automated Call Distribution

What is an Agent Group?

An agent group, also known as automatic call distribution, is a system that routes incoming calls to a specific group of agents. Before connecting to an agent, callers are placed inside a queue, allowing agents to deal with incoming calls in an orderly fashion without losing other callers to busy signals or unanswered phones. While waiting, callers hear music and pre-recorded announcements. Agent groups can be configured to allow callers to leave a voicemail or announcing status of caller in queue like there are 3 callers in front of you or estimated waiting is 2 min. Agents must log in to the queue to begin receiving calls. When agents have finished for the day or would like to stop receiving calls from the queue, they must log out of the queue.
The Web Attendant Console (WAC) is a SIP-based console that provides users with a realtime view of each user’s availability. The interface shows whether an extension is available, is busy, or is in DND (do not disturb) mode (). It also shows whether an extension is registered or has call redirection activated. The WAC essentially encapsulates the status of the entire phone system and allows you to easily monitor it. The WAC also allows you to carry.


  • Want to decrease down time to almost zero, Since DaaS has SLA of 99.99%
  • Flexible/Scalable/ Secure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Lower TCO
  • Broad Range of Features
  • Centralized on-premises/remote Management/ Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Recording
  • Extensible

Immediately after launching our new call center we uncovered calling trends that made us consider changing the call centers hours of operation. Within days of the implementation we experienced a significant increase in call volume due to a very successful concert launch. Our new call center system allowed us to dynamically adjust the capacities and call handling parameters of the system, allowing us to better serve our customers. The implementation was very smooth, our team loves the new system, and it’s nice to finally see them really happy.