Q:Can I schedule a conference call, is system capable to send invitation as email to callers or I have to use my email service to send them invitation?

A:Very simple, on web portal all you need to be to enter email addresses of all the callers, system will send them an invitation as soon as you set time and date.

Q:If one or more callers get disconnected during conference call, is there a way for us to be notifies, or we will figure it out at the end of call?

A:Our system is a smart system, same way as callers join conference call and system announce their name, if any one gets disconnected during conference call, system will announce their name to notify everyone on their disconnection, cool right?

Q:Is there a way to have system call all callers and invite them to join conference call instead of having those to call bridge number? We have this issue always, some people are late some forget, do you have a solution for this issue?

A:Sure, as an option you can just copy and paste all contact numbers in portal, and schedule date and time, system will call all contacts in a same time and invites them to join conference bridge, also you can set up redial up to 10 times, if they are not picking up the call.

Our system is an intelligent system, is able to recognize human pick up or answering machine, so if they do not pick their call system will hung up and redials in 2 or more minutes later (intervals can be define for system

Q:If we use option that system calls contacts, and invites them to join conference, can we customize what message to be played, how can we record that message?

A:Our system is equipped with text to voice feature, so all you need to is to provide script, then system will convert that to voice our system uses “Acapela” an Award Winning voice technology.

Q:How do I make a conference call?

A:Once you have signed up with SEQUELNET, we will provide you with all of the material that you need in order to quickly and easily arrange a conference call.

Q:How many persons can join a conference call?

A:You can have up to 500 callers on per conference call. Conference calls allow groups of people to get together with the goal of achieving certain milestones, collaborating on projects or to brainstorm new ideas.

Q:Are the conference call recorded?

A:As an option yes, we strongly suggest that you do. In fact, recording the calls and podcasting them to the people that were unable to attend will allow them to stay in the loop and know what is going on with your business. This is especially helpful if you have people calling in from differing time zones. Making the call easily accessible to them will ensure that you have more people listening to the important things that have happened during your call.

Q:Will I have access to customer service?

A:Yes we have some of the best customer service in the SequelNet. Our technical support is available to you 24/7 to ensure our service and your conference calls are running smoothly. If you need assistance in making your call, our customer service representatives will be more than happy to walk you through the process to ensure that you get it right the first time. No blundering around and accidentally disconnecting your entire conference call, we will walk you through it step by step, and can also provide on call services during the call to make sure all is moving smoothly along.

Q:Do I need special equipment for a conference call?

A:No. there is no need of special equipment Whether it's an office phone, cell phone, VoIP phone, home phone or PC call, we can support it. Our service is designed and tested to handle a call from any type of phone.

Q:Can I see who’s on a conference call?

A:Yes, you easily view your conference calls live from a web-portal. Our web interface takes any guess work out of conference calling. In this way you will know who is on the call,and can also keep track of time easily.

Q:Does SequelNet offer international access for conference calls?

A:Absolutely, SequelNet provide services in 65 countries. You can take your conference call from anywhere even while travelling as well.

Q:Is the SequelNet service secure?

A:Yes, each account has its own access code and conference URL for entry. Plus calls can be encrypted as an option as well a short tone will ask callers to identify themselves as he/she enters to call.

Q:Can I use my SequelNet conference room more than once?

A:Yes, you can use it whenever you need.

Q:Do I need to visit SequelNet every time I set up a conference room?

A:Only once you need to visit for an account on SequelNet then you will have the access on set up accounts?