Conference Calling provides a vital service for individuals, none for profits and businesses.

Avoid traveling around the country or across town with conference call services and save valuable time and resources. Be more effective with what you have by organizing a conference call instead of in person meetings.

Conference calling, or teleconferencing, is an everyday staple in the business world. Conferencing allows us to spend less time and money on travel and improves our office productivity. Fundamentally, a conference call is just 3 or more people getting on the phone and talking to each other. Think of 3-way calling, but a lot more complex. If you want 5, 50, or even 500 people on one phone call and be able to hear the conference host with crystal clarity, you need some serious hardware and the know-how to run it. This is where conferencing service providers come in. Conference call services run on hardware known in the industry as a conference call bridge or conferencing bridges. A conferencing bridge is designed for managing and allocating phone calls in larger groups called conferences. Along with call routing, a conference bridge is designed to provide call stability, system redundancy and echo cancellation with noise reduction.