It is very simple to use. Let's say you want to order something so you simply need to send your order, your order will be ready and you will receive a confirmation text when order is ready for pickup. You can order with this format:

  • #1 Coffee with one spoon Sugar

  • # 1 Egg White Flatbread.

  • System will send you a text that “Thanks for your order; you will receive a text as order is ready for pick up. Please provide your order or cell phone # to register. Order Number is: "0001598".
  • As order is ready system will send a message "Your order is ready, please come to window to pick up your order".

  • Specials or Coupon offers can also be set on system. System will send a unique coupon number to customer and will also send an email to specified email address that a coupon has been sent to this user.
  • Or

  • Offer customers to specify their interest for future communication and subscribe them automatically to specific group based on their reply for more specific and better finetuned communication.
  • Send scheduled messages like, survey on services or product or follow up on specific product, like new ice cream flavor

  • Marketing and advertisements tools to subscribed customers, which interact with recipient.