• Real time reporting and monitoring
  • Two-way texting, with opt-out feature (fully compliant with FCC rules)
  • We provide a local number for all cities to make messages appear to be local
  • Create unlimited keywords for endless scenarios
  • Live Phone support (option)
  • In premises, data stays in house.
  • Improve ROI by reducing costs of business Unlimited reporting,
  • by date, time, or time range, as well as live reporting Group messaging: create groups based on different categories; as replies are received, system will keep all related messages to same group for analysis
  • Create different templates for offering coupons or specials; run templates for different groups with one click.
  • Surveys: Get feedback run survey, text polling or voting with simple text based surveys. Statistic shows people are more responsive to text-based surveys compared to web & email surveys due to simplicity, plus text –based surveys are not filtered by spam filters; system provides the ability to build or upload custom survey questions and track survey results in real time.
  • Simple tool/drive more revenue: Everyone uses text because it is fast and simple, plus text gets more responses than other mediums of communication. Convenience draws in more people and therefore greater revenues
  • More personal: Texting creates better relationships; more loyalty - better response. Send auto Birthday messages
  • Supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Farsi

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