NOVEMBER 15, 2021 | Daphne Blake

Why VoIP Phone System is Replacing the Traditional Technology

A communication system is the backbone of every business. This is because no matter whether the business is big or small, it has to communicate within and without its venue. Employees communicate with each other to collaborate in daily work operations, higher brass communicates to make company decisions, and clients communicate to make their deals with the company. All these communications are the core of every successful business. And to make these correspondences effective and efficient, an effective solution like a VoIP phone system can only work.  

   In today’s modern world, traditional landline technology is dying while VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is becoming ever more popular. There are many reasons behind this transformation but the major one is that VoIP is a lot more economical. And the main goal of every business is to reduce its costs and its increase profits. The business VoIP solution completely fits with this goal. Furthermore, the VoIP communication system is not new, rather it was introduced in 1995 but it couldn’t make its mark back then. If you wish to learn more about VoIP phone technology and why VoIP caller is more successful than traditional technology users, continue reading!  

What is VoIP Phone System and how does it Work? 

Unlike traditional phones that work through circuit wiring, VoIP provides phone service over the internet. It is also referred to as Hosted VoIP, Business VoIP solution, Cloud Phone System, and an assortment of other different terms. Although this technology was introduced in 1995, it could not compete with a traditional phone on the call quality. But with continuous improvement in the internet speed and the technology itself, VoIP now delivers the best quality communications. 

A cloud PBX technology is powered by dedicated fiber or a broadband internet connection and it handles all the hardware and services remotely. Traditional phones transfer voice (analog) signals through their dedicated phone lines while VoIP technology converts the analog signals into digital data. This digital data is transferred over the internet and at the receiver end, these data packets are converted back to their original form. The technology does so to make this data an understandable message for the receiver. And to your surprise, all these conversions are made within microseconds and you don’t even get a hint of it.

Advantages of VoIP over Tradition Telephone Systems: 

The following are some of the advantages VoIP has over traditional phones,

Cost-effective Solution: 

VoIP technology can work on your existing internet connection and with existing hardware. You can buy special phones to enjoy additional features but most VoIP service providers allow you to use your old desk phones for communications. Moreover, with VoIP, you don’t require any circuit wiring to make phone calls. This will also reduce the installation cost of your communication system.

The maintenance of the phone systems is also on the service providers and that means you don’t have to keep any team of skillful professionals. Additionally, the per-call cost of VoIP is also much lower than other phone systems. Some VoIP providers are even offering free local calls. This means if you have only local clients, you can make communications without having to pay even a penny. 

Increased Features:  

VoIP technology offers an extensive number of features that can improve operational proficiency. For instance, VoIP provides call forwarding, call recording, call monitoring, conference calls, instant messaging, file transfer, and so many more features. Traditional phones were offering nothing of this sort and this is one of the main reasons why VoIP is replacing all the other communication technologies

Mobility and Flexibility:  

With VoIP, you don’t need to be present on your desk for making any call. Rather the call forwarding feature allows you to communicate wherever you are. Also, a VoIP caller is not restricted to using any specific technology or a phone system for communication. Rather he can use any internet-enabled device including his laptop for making and taking calls.   


VoIP is a very scalable communication solution. It allows businesses to increase or decrease their users with just a few clicks. You don’t require any special lines when you want to add a user. Furthermore, with VoIP, you don’t have to worry when you want to shift your location. Your phone numbers will remain the same. Also, unlike traditional phones, no new hardware and circuit wiring are required in the new location.

All these reasons are enough for businesses to choose a VoIP phone system over traditional technology. If you are one of the landline-dependent business owners, you should upgrade your phone with IPPBX. to experience the best communication service.