January 09, 2023 | Emily Stancer

Advantages of a Remote Platform and Cloud Managed Services

Your business The requirements and tendencies of the workplace have shifted dramatically throughout time. It might be difficult to adjust to such changes. But there are some business owners who have changed with the times. Many business owners have made more money because they were able to adapt to the times. Cloud managed services are a growing trend that might be the best decision for your company

Why Do Your Business Need Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud computing provides on-demand applications, data storage, and processing through the internet. Moreover, it also lowers your company's operating costs and lets it grow in different ways.

If you run a small business, you must be able to access data from anywhere. Changing business climate asks for you to go online.  Cloud computing makes this possible, and all you need is an internet connection to do it.

Basic Cloud Managed Services to Elevate Your Business

Cloud Storage:

Cloud managed services make sure that your data is stored in a cloud storage system. In addition, cloud networking makes it easy to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud storage allows you to access files safely and keep them in sync on all of your devices. IPPBX is your best choice for cloud services especially if you are running a remote office.

Cloud Backup Services:

The best cloud backup services include storage, synchronization and restoration of data, real-time backups, archiving, and high-level security. Besides, many services that offer cloud storage also offer cloud backup.

Software As a Service:

Cloud Managed Services also provides software as a service or SaaS solutions that can help businesses in many different ways. For example, you can use SaaS CRM software like Salesforce to manage sales, and accounting software. Moreover, you can manage finances and email marketing to improve communications.

Advantages of Cloud Networking

You can use the cloud to be more flexible, ensure continuity, and bring efficacy to your workspace. The cloud model is now the most common way for a modern business to build and deliver applications.

In addition, cloud networking has become an important part of how businesses manage their infrastructure needs, which are growing all the time. It also helps them reach their goals of expanding into new areas and laying off people.

Cloud-based networking has a lot of benefits that can help your business grow potentially. Some of these are as follows:

Increased Productivity

Cloud managed services help you speed up your work by immediately deploying fresh instances. Moreover, public cloud services make it easy to construct new apps without hardware.

Flexibility And Adaptability

Using the cloud gives your business more freedom. You can quickly add more resources and storage to meet business needs without having to buy new hardware.

Companies don't have to pay for or build the infrastructure needed to handle their highest load levels. In the same way, if resources aren't being used, they can quickly scale back.


With IPPBX, you only pay for the resources you actually use. Isn’t it great? Yes, it is as you are free from looking at different options which will only make things more complex. Therefore, it saves you from overstocking your data center and allows IT employees more time to focus on vital tasks.

Better Collaboration

With the cloud, you can access your files from anywhere and at any time. You don't have to be in a certain place or use a certain device to access data. Also, you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection and any device.

Better Security

Cloud computing, in contrast to what you may believe, can really increase your security. Since it possesses a large number of security measures, it can maintain itself automatically while being administered from a single location.

Public cloud services provider with a good reputation also hire the best security experts and use the most cutting-edge solutions. This gives clients the sense of protection they usually seek.

Data Loss Prevention

Providers of cloud services like IPPBX have backup and disaster recovery options. If you choose to store your data in the cloud rather than locally, you will not lose it in the event that something goes wrong. Also, cloud managed services will keep your data safe from hardware malfunctions, cyber-attacks, and human mistakes.

Need of Cloud In Remote Workspaces

Remote has become a modern-day necessity.  The future of remote work depends on the cloud. This makes cloud technology a must-have for businesses all over the world. In addition to being easy to use, it keeps you ready for any expected or unexpected crisis.

By moving to the cloud, you can help your growing number of remote workers. Also, you can ensure that your employees can work without losing data or worrying about servers going down.

Moreover, the type of cloud platforms you use to work from home can make a big difference. Instead of a dozen cloud-based solutions for remote work, utilize IPPBX. This provides a central dashboard for all tools, data, and files. Therefore, cloud managed services make remote work very effective and easy.


The cloud makes your workspace more flexible and reliable, as well as more effective and productive. Also, it helps keep the costs of IT down. It also helps your company come up with new ideas. As such, they can get their products to market faster and use AI and machine learning in their strategies. There are other benefits that can come from these main ones. Therefore, you can make operations more efficient and help people who work from home.

Also, keep in mind that starting your own cloud journey doesn't mean you have to do everything at once. For example, many businesses find that a hybrid strategy can help them get more out of their existing infrastructure. They can do it while still running in the best environment for the business as a whole.