DECEMBER 20, 2021 | Frank Smith

How You Can Upgrade Your Business Phone to VoIP Phone System    

A communication system is considered the backbone of all businesses. This is because every business, irrespective of its size and sort, needs to interact with its clients, partners, and other concerned stakeholders on a daily basis. Therefore, having the most advanced office phone in your business has great significance in making you indomitable. And when you compare all the communication technologies of the modern-day, no phone is as efficient and cost-effective as a VoIP phone system.     

VoIP, also referred to as cloud PBX, is an easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to scale type of technology. Also, this phones system offers a variety of utilitarian communication features that can help businesses enhance the efficiency of their correspondence. All in all, this phone technology has so many advantages over other phone systems and the installation is also effortless. If you wish to learn more, about this technology, continue reading! 

What is VoIP Technology and how does it Work?    

Although VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology was introduced in 1995, it couldn’t get that much prominence. The quality of call it offered back then was not up to the mark. There were two main reasons for its less satisfactory quality. First, the internet speed, at that time, was not that good and secondly, because the technology itself needed some improvements. And now when the internet speed is up to scratch and the technology has also been evolving over the years, cloud PBX is the best phone technology.   

VoIP uses internet phone lines (called SIP’s) instead of traditional analog lines and is hosted in the cloud rather than physically on your premises. And unlike traditional phones, this technology doesn’t send analog signals through phone lines. Rather, this phone system first converts the voice message into digital data and then transmits it over the internet. And at the receiver end, these data packets are converted back to analog signals to make them an understandable message.   

Some Advantages of VoIP over other Phone Systems:   

  • VoIP is a very cost-effective communication solution. You don’t require any special hardware when shifting to this telephony. The maintenance of the phone systems is also on the service provider. Moreover, the per-call cost of this phone system is also a lot more economical than all other communication systems out there.  
  • VoIP technology is very flexible. It allows its users to use any internet-enabled for taking and making calls. Additionally, you can communicate through this phone from anywhere and everywhere; you don't necessarily have to be present at the desk for making some calls. This quality is very helpful for businesses to manage their remote workers.  
  • This phone system offers a great many useful communication features to its users. These features are helping businesses to successfully complete their business plans. Features like call monitoring, call recording, call forwarding, conferencing, file transfer, instant messaging are making things much easier for businesses to handle their operations. 

What do You Need to Upgrade Your Office Phone to a VoIP phone system?      

Following are the questions that may sprout in your mind when you want to upgrade your phone to VoIP technology,   

What Kind of Internet Connection do I Need for VoIP technology?    

For a VoIP communication system, you just need a broadband Internet connection such as DSL, Cable, T1, wireless, etc. However, the internet requirement for your VoIP system depends on a number of variables like what features of VoIP you want to use, how big your network is, and many other things of this sort. For basic use, you should have at least 100kbps on both upload and download.   

How much bandwidth does a VoIP Conversation Use?  

The bandwidth you require for your VoIP system depends on your usage. Your communication network decides with how much bandwidth you can run your system smoothly. For instance, if your VoIP service uses about 10 connections, the bandwidth required will be about 100kbps of both the upstream and downstream. In such a case, every 1000 minutes of call will use nearly 1.5 GB of bandwidth.   

What Equipment Do I Need for my VoIP Phone?  

If you are using a VoIP phone system, you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive equipment. You can either buy special VoIP phones or use your laptops, computers, and mobile phones for communication. Some VoIP providers also allow you to use your desk phones for making calls. All in all, you can start communication by just having active internet communication and a physical phone or a smartphone/computer. If all these reasons are enough for you to upgrade your phone technology, you should choose the best service provider like  IPPBX.  to get the best possible results.