March 25, 2022 | Frank Smith

Secure File Sharing for Business: Everything You Need to Know 

Nearly all modern-day businesses have ditched paper in favor of digital files. These files are housed in paperless storage and have improved the efficiency of business operations. However, there are some downsides to these modern files too. You can easily lose them in multiple document versions and security measures are also not ideal. This means, that storing sensitive data in such files is risky. Also, when you do instant file sharing for collaboration with other stakeholders, the chances of data being falling into the hands of cybercriminals are very high. Hence, file sharing for business needs a special tool or an office phone to keep important data out of the reach of internet extortionists. 

Data is considered the backbone of every industry, so its security has great significance. Your data, if falls in the wrong hands, can destroy your business. This is why businesses secure their data both at rest and in motion. And for sharing the files, they use a secure tool like VoIP. Continue reading to learn more about file sharing, its significance, and security. 

What is File Sharing for Business?  

You can define instant file sharing as a process by which you can send files to other people for collaboration. When you send files via email as an attachment, you often send them back and forth to download, review, edit, and send back. This process leads to the creation of many versions of one document, making it difficult to track the latest version. However, many businesses have now started using their office phone systems like VoIP to share such files. This is because this method is not only more convenient but secure and reliable too. 

VoIP is a fully functional communication platform that allows businesses to communicate with anyone meanwhile giving you the option of sharing important files and access to work on them remotely. With a good VoIP service, you can connect and collaborate with others easily which ensures productivity even during working remotely. With the file-sharing feature of VoIP, you will have, options like, 

  • Instant file uploading 
  • Password protection option 
  • Huge data storage option 

Different Types of Documents that Businesses Need to Share:

The following are some of the documents that businesses share with their stakeholders,

Minutes for the Business Meetings: 

For the formal meetings, you can keep an official account going over what was discussed and what decisions were made. You can then share this information with the stakeholders who missed the meeting. 

Employment Agreement: 

Each time you get an interview to hire a new employee, you need to have him sign an employment agreement. This document covers the company’s expectations of the employee and the obligations of the employer.  

Your Business Plan:

A business document that you create to obtain loans and grants, and set up business partnerships. This file outlines the goals of your company and a means to reach them. 

Business Reports: 

These reports inform you about the performance of your business. With these reports, you can learn all sorts of things related to your company, its teams, and its employees. 

What is the Significance of Secure File Sharing? 

The advent of the internet came with many sorts of benefits along with the menace of cybercrime. And the world of the internet is so vast that you can’t even imagine. This is why the protection of all your assets connected to the internet is a tough job. Every website visit you make creates a risk of becoming the target for cyberattacks. Hence, you should do anything and everything you can to ensure the safety of your data and systems. Even if you might argue that your data is not that sensitive, the mere breach is a concern for all of us in this new digital age. 

Now when sharing of files and data has become a common practice, the risk of being hacked has increased by many folds. As the world of the internet is connected, your files and data can leak to get accessed by someone you don't want. And the repercussions of this incident can be huge – imagine the devastation of finding the information about your new business deals or bank number got scattered across the web. And once this content gets noticed, it will spread like wildfire and you’d be powerless to stop it.  

Final Thought: 

All in all, securing file-sharing will ensure your business's privacy. And you can achieve this if you use a VoIP service that offers file sharing for business. But the best results are only possible by using the best service, and in the US, no service provider is as efficient and cost-effective as IPPBX. So, use their service to share all your files securely and efficiently.