March 20, 2021 | Frank Smith

VoIP Phone System and the Science Behind This Technology 

VoIP Phone System and the Science Behind This Technology  Numerous surveys and studies have revealed that a VoIP office phone, in comparison with PSTN, can potentially save you up to 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international calls. This is not the only advantage of the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology over the traditional phones. In fact, you can find dozens of benefits that a VoIP phone has over all the previous technologies. This is why traditional phone technology is considered a dying industry while VoIP is becoming ever more popular. Although this technology is not new, rather, it was introduced back in 1995 but at that time, a VoIP phone system couldn’t deliver the quality that landline phones were offering. 

But with years of evolution in technology and enhancements in the internet speed, VoIP has now become the best phone system of this era. This technology is also referred to with terms like cloud ip pbx, hosted PBX, and many more. A modern VoIP phone offers much more than simple voice calls; you can make conference calls, send instant messages, do file sharing, and manage your communications from anywhere and everywhere. At the same time when it offers so many features, the expenses of VoIP phones are much less than other technologies. This is the reason why businesses are switching to VoIP phones. In fact, VoIP technology has now become a business standard in the current business environment.  

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What VoIP Technology is all About? 

VoIP (IP telephony) is a phone system that delivers voice and multimedia via Internet Protocol (IP) networks like the Internet. Unlike traditional phones that require circuit wiring, VoIP works over the internet. This is why not only the installation but per-call rates of these phones are much more economical than PSTN. Another difference of this technology with a landline is that the landline phones send voice signals in their original form through the telephone line to the receiver but VoIP doesn’t work this way.   

The VoIP technology first converts the voice signals into digital data and then delivers it via the internet. And at the receiver end, these digital packets are converted back to voice (analog signals). This reconversion was made because the digital data was not an understandable message for the receiver. And to your surprise, these conversions are fast so much so that you can’t even get a hint of it.  

What Kind of Internet Connection Do You Need for a VoIP Office Phone? 

In order to use VoIP technology, you require a broadband Internet connection such as DSL, Cable, wireless, T1, etc. And the speed of the internet for VoIP depends on some variables like the number of connections you are using and the features you have added to your system. But normally, you should have at least 100kbps on both uploads and download for smooth correspondence via the internet.   

What Should You Look for in a VoIP Phone System? 

The following are the things you should look for in the VoIP service you want to choose:


The Cloud IP PBX phone system you desire must have all the advanced communication features. It should offer call forwarding, call monitoring, call recording, call conferencing, instant file sharing, instant messaging, call agents, and other features of this sort.  


You should also determine whether the service provider is offering integration of other services such as faxing, alarms, CRM, credit card machines, etc. This is because, for smooth business correspondence, you may need these services too. 


This is another important criterion for selecting a VoIP service. Your features and integration are of no use if your service is down for hours. So, you must ensure that they are offering 24/7 technical support with their service.

What Equipment and Hardware are Required for a VoIP Phone? 

It usually depends on the service provider whether you can use your old desk phones for communication or you need to buy a new VoIP phone for correspondence. But one thing is sure, with a VoIP technology, you don’t require any circuit wiring. In most cases, you can work with your existing internet. You can also use your laptops, tablets, mobile phones, or other such devices for making communications with the help of VoIP softphones.
VoIP saves you a lot of installation costs. Additionally, the maintenance of the VoIP phone system is also on the service provider. This is why VoIP is considered the most economical choice among all phone systems. If you wish to have a VoIP phone for your office. Go with the one that is offering the best service at the most affordable rates. And under these parameters, no company in the US is as related as IPPBX.