JUNE 20, 2022 | Bruce Jake

What Are the Benefits of Enterprise Video Conferencing to Your Business?

In the professional world, travel has become a major cost. Business trips often involve overseas travel, visits to client offices, or workers commuting by car or public transportation to their workplaces. All of these costs add up, including airfare, gas, hotel, transit passes, and vehicle maintenance. But there are ways to reduce travel expenses without sacrificing connections. Fortunately, enterprise video conferencing is a viable option for SMBs.

Video conferencing also improves employee relations and camaraderie. With video conferencing, executives can hold real-time meetings with global offices, making everyone feel closer and more connected. Project managers can interact with people they may never meet, and suppliers can make visually impactful pitches. The benefits of video conferencing go beyond reduced travel costs. It is also a more environmentally friendly option than traditional meetings.

Video conferencing has many benefits for your business, including reduced travel costs and increased reliability, redundancy, and value. It is a valuable asset for any business, but what are the biggest advantages of enterprise video conferencing? Keep reading to discover more about these benefits. Using video conferencing is a great way to collaborate with team members in real-time. It eliminates the need for travel, allowing you to focus on the activities of your team.

Enterprise Video Conferencing is Less Expensive

Fixed in-room video conferencing systems can be expensive and complex, and often require an in-house audiovisual tech to install. What about using your office phone for enterprise video conferencing? Yes, this is possible because of the VoIP phone system. With a VoIP phone system, you do not need to rely on traditional calling phones anymore. Moreover, you also do not need to buy expensive tools and software for virtual meetings.

IPPBX offers a plug-and-play solution that can be used on any smart device. These phone systems are also portable and provide features to make them as useful as possible for in-person participants. For example, in-room video conferencing can be used with a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and in the same way as desktop video conferencing. You can cut off your telephone bills and utilize that money in other productive ways. Let’s just have a look at what benefits enterprise video conferencing can bring to help your business grow:

Reduces Travel Costs

The modern workforce prioritizes flexibility, mobility, and modern forms of communication. With a VoIP phone, your company can enjoy all these perks and that too at a reduced cost. Bringing remote workers face-to-face with in-house employees is one way to boost productivity and reduce travel costs. Enterprise video conferencing brings a human touch to face-to-face communication while providing secure and quick communication. Enterprise video conferencing for your business continues to evolve into a critical technology for businesses. It is essential to ensure service and support reliability.

Another great benefit of enterprise video conferencing is the ability to collaborate with your employees anywhere in the world, no matter where they are. Companies with sophisticated video conferencing systems have improved overall collaboration and company video usage. The VoIP phone technology has the potential to save businesses millions of dollars in travel costs. In addition, employees are more productive, which in turn boosts the bottom line. So, how do you make use of the power of video conferencing for your business?

Increases Communication Reliability

Enterprise video conferencing solutions allow management to collaborate with remote employees to expedite product development. They also enable teams with different locations to coordinate efforts to mitigate potential problems. Video conferences can streamline meetings, from marketing strategy meetings to prototype demonstrations. In addition, enterprise video conferencing solutions reduce the need for travel and improve project delivery time.

As mentioned before, video conferencing is highly customizable. It can be tightly integrated with existing business IT infrastructure, thereby maximizing communication and collaboration. This way, your business can make the most of your video-conferencing technology, while maintaining the highest level of productivity. Moreover, a VoIP phone also allows file sharing for business in a secure way. People are more efficient and effective when they are not commuting, and a video-conferencing session will enable employees to participate in off-site events remotely.

Reduces Redundancy

Many companies have already started using video conferencing to meet with customers and partners. More than 50% of employees work remotely at least some of the time. Moreover, this trend has been attributed to the increased internationalization of businesses. More businesses are adopting enterprise video conferencing to enhance their productivity and sales quotient. Despite the numerous benefits of using video conferencing in your business, you may be wondering how you can implement it to make it more efficient.

For a better understanding of redundancy, it is essential to consider your network architecture, users, and other networking applications. You must consider network availability and cost per hour, as any failure could disrupt your business operations. Taking these into account can help you choose the right solution. Enterprise video conferencing can facilitate many benefits, such as improved productivity and reduced commute time.

Improves Value

While there are numerous benefits to enterprise video conferencing, a small business should be particularly aware of its limitations. Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy. In fact, nearly every successful company started as a small organization. It can be difficult to invest in cutting-edge technology when you already have so much on your plate.

Enterprise video conferencing increases flexibility and collaboration. Video conferencing can help businesses achieve these goals by reducing travel and enabling face-to-face collaboration. Plus, a VoIP phone allows file sharing for business which provides significant cost savings. In addition to reducing travel costs, it can help businesses improve their bottom line by lowering overhead.