March 10, 2021 | Frank Smith

What is the Importance of Online File Sharing for Business? 

Every business, irrespective of its size, works through a collaboration of some kind. Infact, no business can survive without teamwork. The ability of a business to share files, collaborate, and communicate smoothly within and without the company is crucial for all the processes in the workplace. In the past, organizations, not only in the US but the whole world, were usually creating and sharing hardcopy files. Both the creation as well as sharing of such files were time-consuming and costly processes. However, in the digital era we are living in, technologies are advanced so much so that you can do file sharing for business instantly and with almost zero cost.  

With advancements in modern technology, sharing of files have become very easier. In fact, the VoIP office phone system you usually have in your business can facilitate instant file sharing. All you need to do is a few clicks to get things done. You no longer require papers, stationaries, and courier services to deliver files for your business. Here in this article, we will focus on how and why online file sharing is preferable to older methods of collaboration. 

The Importance of Online File Sharing for Business: 

File sharing involves sending your data such as video, audio, document, graphics, and images from one computer to another on the Internet. The receiver of the file can be an employee of the organization or any stakeholder of the company. With whomsoever collaboration is required, you can send a file securely with the help of the internet. The following are the benefits you can enjoy with an online file sharing service for your business,   

Cut Costs: 

Online file sharing allows businesses to reduce paper, stationary, and courier costs. But with the online file sharing feature that VoIP service offers, you don’t even need to invest in large hard discs, an internal server, and other related infrastructure for online file sharing. The best part is that VoIP service providers offer scalable solutions for every type of enterprise. This means companies can use their investment on other pressing needs that will increase the efficiency and productivity of their business. 

Seamless Collaboration: 

One of the main advantages of online file sharing, from the business point of view, is that collaboration becomes smooth. You can share and receive files instantly and you will save yourself from all unnecessary delays. That’s not all; with a VoIP solution, you can work from anywhere and collaborate in real-time with people in any part of the world. This is very important for enhancing the overall efficiency of an organization. 


Security of data and files has always been a major concern for businesses of all sorts, and it continues to be a problem in modern times. However, online file sharing through a VoIP office phone goes a long way to reduce the security loopholes. Since all your collaborations are monitored by the service provider, it reduces the chances that careless employees can leak sensitive files to the wrong hands.  

Managing Projects: 

Online file sharing makes it easier for businesses to manage their projects. Since you can share and receive all your company files wherever you are, you can check on the progress of your team and help them along. Also, VoIP service helps you communicate with members of the team instantly. All this means that your company can consistently meet deadlines, even if you are working remotely. 

No Hassle during Auditing: 

Managers and other management often dread auditing because it involves having to search for and analyze all files and documents. However, with online file sharing, you do not have to worry about searching for documents. This is because with online sharing, there is always a trail of each document and you can easily share with each other for collaboration.  

Final Thought: 

These are only a few of the benefits of online file sharing for businesses. But analyzing only these benefits, one can say that it levels the playing field for large and small enterprises and allows them to be more competitive. Furthermore, the cost of your collaboration and file-sharing also drops by many folds with an online file-sharing service. Like every business, you require a VoIP phone system for correspondence but when choosing between different service providers, go with the one that offers file sharing too. And if you go through all the VoIP services of the US, you will understand that no service is as efficient as IPPBX. And they are also offering an instant file sharing feature in their VoIP service.