April 7, 2022 | Frank Smith

Why You Need to Replace Your Traditional Office Phone with VoIP 

Technology is evolving continuously to make life easier, flexible, and more comfortable. And this is true even in the communication world. New phone systems have brought a huge, tremendous, and revolutionary change for domestic as well as business users. The first revolution came in the form of analog phone systems that were implemented in business and personal communications. However, during the last few years, advanced communication technology VoIP was developed that has changed the face of every business from small to big organizations. This is why businesses of all sorts are readily embracing this new office phone technology.   

VoIP phone service has enhanced the communication industry by introducing new features like video conferencing, call monitoring, call recording, and many more. These features have facilitated not only small businesses but big enterprises in managing their employees remotely. Not only this, VoIP service providers are charging their clients a lot more competitive rates than other phone technologies. Continue reading and we will walk you through all the details that you need to learn about this modern-day technology. 

What VoIP Technology is all About? 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) also named IP telephony, is a technology that delivers voice, multimedia, and all other types of communication over the Internet. The technology is also referred to as Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service. Furthermore, as this phone system works through the internet, you don’t require any circuit wiring. And unlike traditional phones that send voice signals through telephone lines, VoIP phone service first converts the voice signals into digital form and then transmits them over the internet. At the receiver, these digital packets are reconverted to voice signals to transform them into an understandable message. 

Why Your Business Should Upgrade its Office Phone with the VoIP Technology: 

The following are some of the compelling advantages of a VoIP Phone System: 

Cost-effective Solution:

The ultimate goal of every business is to reduce its operational costs and increase its annual profits. And in this effort, VoIP service providers can help your business a lot. Unlike traditional technologies where you have to bear the installation, maintenance cost, and expensive rates of per-call cost, VoIP service can reduce your installation cost to almost 50%, maintenance cost to nearly 100%, and even the per-call cost is also more competitive. Hence, if you want to reduce your company’s communication expenses, upgrade your technology with VoIP. 

Improved Features: 

The most recognized benefit of this platform is that web conference is a time-efficient and cost-saving solution. You can organize meetings within minutes and you don’t have to spend any cost for arranging that meeting. Also, employees can remotely work from the comfort of their homes with the help of this tool.

Flexibility & Mobility: 

VoIP offers a great deal of flexibility. You are not bound to buy advanced phones to run your VoIP service. Instead, you can use any internet-enabled device like a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to communicate with the service. Furthermore, some service providers even facilitate the integration of older desk phones with VoIP technology.   

With the high demand to work remotely, the VoIP phone system can help because it allows you to move as your business demands without any limitations. The call forwarding feature allows you to take all your office calls anywhere with the help of your phone or laptop. All you have to do is install the softphone app of the service provider. 

Highly Reliable Service:  

Your physical desk phones at the location can fail but the VoIP service providers offer can save your business from these situations. In the event of office phones going down because of the internet/power outage, you can continue your calls on your mobile app or PC softphone.

Higher Scalability: 

With every business venture, they start a small, dream and plan big, and work hard to achieve those plans. But if you are using desk phones, your communication system will act as a technology stopper in your growth. VoIP, on the other hand, facilitates businesses with full scalability. You can scale down or up your VoIP service by just making a few clicks. Conclusively, VoIP is the best service if you want your business to grow without any hurdles.