Area Code 585: How To Get Rochester Area Code Information

This is a quick guide to area code 585, which covers Rochester and western New York. This article will explain what area code 585 is and how it can be used to call other cities in USA.

What is area code 585?

Area code 585 is a telephone area code in Rochester, New York. It covers the city of Rochester and surrounding areas 585 is also referred to as the Rochester area code.

How many cities in USA use area code 585?

The area code 585 is used in the following cities Rochester, NY 585 is also the area code of these counties: Genesee County, NY; Livingston County, NY; Monroe County, NY; Ontario County (part), NY; Orleans County (part), NY; Wayne County (part), PA

What call prefixes are used with area code 585?

Area code 585 is used for Rochester, NY. In other words, a call from area code 585 to another area code 585 is considered a local call. Similarly, a call from area code 585 to any other number (i.e., 716 or 315) is also considered a local call. As such, all numbers within the same geographic region must share the same prefixes and thus would be subject to the same rules when dialing them as well as being able to reach each other without having to pay long distance charges like you would if calling someone outside of your local calling area (LCA).

How to get this area code using IPPBX

IPPBX can provide area code 585 phone numbers in all parts of the state. If you want to get an area code 585 number, you can use our service and we will assign you a new phone number with this area code.


Area code 585 is a telephone area code serving the Rochester, New York area. It was created in 1999 when it was split from area code 716. We hope that this article has helped you better understand Above information can also be found at All Area Code

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