Area Code 928 Information You Should Know About

What is Area code 928?

Area code 928 curious about the mysterious digits that follow your phone number? Do you ever wonder what those three numbers, known as area codes, stand for and why they’re so important? If you live in or around Arizona, then there’s a good chance that your area code is 928. But, what does this unique set of numbers signify? To help answer all your burning questions about Area Code 928, we’ve compiled some essential information that every resident should know. So sit back, relax and get ready to unlock the secrets of one of Arizona’s most fascinating area codes!

Where is Area Code 928?

In the United States, Area Code 928 is located in the state of Arizona. It is one of the original 86 area codes that were assigned in 1947. The code 928 was created in a split from Area Code 602.

History of Area Code 928

The history of Area Code 928 is quite interesting. This area code was created in October 1999, when it was carved out of Area Code 520. The reason for this was the rapid growth of Tucson and the need for more telephone numbers. Prior to this, Area Code 520 had served all of Arizona.

Some other Interesting facts about Area Code 928:
-It is one of the largest area codes in the US, covering over 27,000 square miles
-It includes all or part of four states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah
-The cities of Flagstaff, Prescott and Sedona are located in this area code

What Are the Benefits of Area Code 928?

There are many benefits to having an area code 928. For one, it indicates that you live in a beautiful place. The number 928 is also associated with good luck, so having this area code means that you may have some extra luck coming your way. Additionally, people who see your area code will know that you’re friendly and down-to-earth, since this is the area code for Arizona.

How to get this area code using IPPBX

IPPBX can provide area code 928 phone numbers in all parts of the state. If you want to get an area code 928 number, you can use our service and we will assign you a new phone number with this area code.


We have just looked at the area code 928 and have seen that it covers an extensive area within Arizona. This article has covered some of the major cities that are part of this region We hope that this article has helped you better understand Above information can also be found at All Area Code

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