Enhancement of Communications in New Jersey- 201 Area Code

Enhancement of Communications in New Jersey- 201 Area Code

Business communications are the backbone of any organization. To stay ahead in the game, companies need to adopt advanced communication tools. Additionally, companies need it to streamline their operations and provide excellent customer service. One such tool is the 2 lines phone with 201 area code, which is gaining popularity among businesses in Texas.

Hello New Jersey! Let’s Take your communication to next level!

Revolutionizing the 201-area code with join hands with IPPBX to enhance and revolutionize your basic communication. It’s time to experience innovation!

What is the 201 Area Code?

New Jersey has the 201-area code as its North American telephone area code. In addition to Texas, the 201 area code has been assigned to other states as well. It covers parts of Jersey City, Bayonne, Hackensack, and Union City in New Jersey and parts of Texas.

Let’s dig into the roots of Hudson and Bergen- New Jersey

  • 201 was one of the first area codes formed under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) in 1947. This area code is assigned to the Points region of the United States (NANP).
  • In its formative years, the 201 covered the entire state of New Jersey as one of the first area codes in the country.
  • A common use of area code 201 refers to the northwestern part of New Jersey that consists of Bergen, Hudson, and Essex counties.
  •  This region is located in the general vicinity of the Newark International Airport.
  • The area code 201 encompasses a number of prominent urban areas. It includes Hackensack, Englewood, and Jersey City, all of which are located inside its borders.
  • area code 201, as well as area code 551, are both in use within the same geographic region. New phone numbers can be assigned with any of the two area codes.
  • The growth and development of the telecommunications industry have necessitated the implementation of additional area codes. It was a direct outcome of this growth and development. This has been done to ensure that there are adequate phone numbers available to fulfill the requirements of the market’s consumers.

How IPPBX Plans to Serve the 201 Area Code?

IPPBX as a leading provider of VoIP phone systems plans to serve the 201 area code by offering 2 lines phone systems to businesses in Texas. The 2 lines phone system is a powerful communication tool. Moreover, it enables businesses to handle multiple calls simultaneously, boosting productivity and customer service.

2 lines phone- works like a charm!

Benefits of the 2 Lines Phone System with 201 Area Code

Enhanced Communication:

2 lines phone works like a charm for your business. It gives your organization to handle several calls at once made possible by the 2-line phone system.  Additionally, communication has grown more efficient and well-organized as a result of this development.

Increased Productivity:

Handling several calls at once can help your business save time and increase its overall productivity. In order to achieve this, you can reduce the length of time that consumers must wait for their calls. in addition to that you can enhance the quality of service that they receive.


The 2-line phone system is a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient for businesses that need to be able to manage a large volume of calls. Companies who need to be able to do this should consider investing in this system. It eliminates the requirement for many phone lines, which leads to a significant decrease in the amount of money spent.


Finally, the two-line phone system with the 201 area code is a strong communication tool that has the potential to change commercial communications in Texas. Businesses in Texas may use innovative communication technologies to improve their operations and customer service using IPPBX. .

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