Exploring the History and Significance of Los Angeles’ Area Code 213

Are you familiar with the area code 213? If you’re a native Angeleno or have spent any time in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve dialed those three digits more than once. But did you know that the history of this particular area code is intertwined with the city’s growth and cultural significance? Join us as we dive into the fascinating story behind LA’s original area code and discover why it remains an important symbol of the city today.

The History of Los Angeles’ Area Code 213

The first area code for Los Angeles was 213, which was assigned in 1947. The area code covered all of Los Angeles County and parts of Ventura, San Bernardino, and Orange counties. In 1950, the area code was split into two parts: the northern part became area code 310 and the southern part remained 213. In 1991, the 213 area code was split again, with the western portion becoming area code 310 and the eastern portion becoming 323. The current boundaries of the 323 area code are largely unchanged from when it was created.

The 213 area code has been home to many notable businesses and organizations over the years. Some of these include:

– The Los Angeles Times (founded 1881)
– The University of Southern California (founded 1880)
– The Los Angeles Dodgers (founded 1884)
– Loyola Marymount University (founded 1911)
– The J. Paul Getty Museum (founded 1953)

The Significance of Los Angeles’ Area Code 213

The area code 213 was one of the original three area codes assigned to California in 1947. It originally covered the entire southern portion of the state. In 1950, the area code split, creating the 310 area code for coastal Southern California and the 415 area code for Northern California. The 213 area code remained in place for downtown Los Angeles.

In 1992, the213area code was split again, creating the 323 area code for most of Los Angeles’ surrounding communities. The 213area code is now only used for Downtown Los Angeles.

The significance of the213area code lies in its history and association with Los Angeles. This small section of downtown L.A. has been home to some of the biggest names in business and entertainment. For many, the 213area code is a symbol of all that is Hollywood.

How to Use Los Angeles’ Area Code 213

Los Angeles’ area code 213 was one of the original 86 area codes assigned in 1947. It originally encompassed the entire city of Los Angeles. In 1972, the code was split, with the western portion of the city getting area code 310. In 1991, the 213 area code was split again, with the northern portion of the city getting area code 818. The 213 area code now covers downtown Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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As one of the most iconic area codes in the United States, Los Angeles’ Area Code 213 has become an integral part of the city’s culture. It has been associated with some of the most renowned names in music and entertainment, as well as a sense of community and pride among its citizens. While many other cities may have similar stories to tell, none will ever be quite like LA’s Area Code 213 – it is truly unique. We hope that this article has helped you better understand Above information can also be found at Public Utilities Commission

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