Indianapolis, Area Code 317. How to get it?

Welcome to Indianapolis, the vibrant city of Area Code 317! With its bustling downtown, unique neighborhoods, and diverse cultural offerings, this Midwestern gem has something for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s no shortage of exciting things to discover in Indy. So buckle up and get ready to explore all that this dynamic city has to offer!

The History of Area Code 317

317 is the area code for Indianapolis, Indiana. The city and surrounding Marion County were originally served by Area Code 317, which was one of the original 86 North American Numbering Plan areas created in 1947. In 1997, most of Marion County was split off into a new Area Code 765, leaving only the Indianapolis metro area in 317.

The history of Area Code 317 begins with the establishment of the Indianapolis metropolitan area in 1947. The area served by 317 was originally part of an even larger numbering plan area that included all of central Indiana. In 1997, most of Marion County was split off into a new area code, 765, leaving only the Indianapolis metro area in 317.

Area Code 317 is currently one of four Indiana area codes serving the state’s capital and largest city. The other three are 812 (South Central Indiana), 260 (Northern Indiana), and 574 (Northwestern Indiana).

The Geography of Area Code 317

As the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is located in the center of the state. The city is divided into several sections by Interstate 65, which runs north and south through the city. East of I-65 is known as Downtown Indianapolis. This is where most of the city’s skyscrapers are located, as well as many businesses and restaurants. To the west of I-65 is called Midtown Indianapolis. This area includes some residential neighborhoods, as well as plenty of shopping and dining options.

The area code 317 encompasses all of Marion County, which contains Indianapolis and its surrounding suburbs. This makes it one of the largest area codes in Indiana. There are nearly 2 million people living within this area code!

The Demographics of Area Code 317

Area code 317 is the telephone area code for Indianapolis, Indiana. The 317 area code includes all of Marion County and the following surrounding counties: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Morgan, Putnam, and Shelby. As of 2019, the 317 area code had a population of 2,048,637 residents.

The vast majority of317 residents are white (78%), followed by black or African American (13%), Hispanic or Latino (5%), and Asian (2%). The median age of residents in the 317 area code is 36 years old. slightly higher than the national median age of 37 years old. The percentage of residents in the 317 area code with a college degree or higher is 36%, which is slightly lower than the national rate of 38%.

How can get it using IPPBX

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Indianapolis’s Most Famous Residents

Some of the most famous people to come out of Indianapolis include basketball player Larry Bird, actor James Dean, and author Kurt Vonnegut. while these are just a few of the big names that have hail from the city, there are many other notable residents who have made a mark on the world in their own way.

Whether you’re a fan of sports, film, literature, or anything else, there’s sure to be someone from Indianapolis that you can look up to. So next time you’re feeling proud to be from the Hoosier state, remember all of the amazing people who have called it home at one point or another!


Indianapolis, and the 317 area code it is associated with, is a vibrant city full of culture and opportunity. With many historical landmarks to explore, entertainment venues to visit, and outdoor activities to enjoy in the summer months – as well as winter sports for skiing enthusiasts – there really is something for everyone in this wonderful city. We hope that this article has helped you better understand Above information can also be found at All Code Location.

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